Shanette is pro-active in the community

Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. volunteers to help a local community in Queens, New York. Shanette states "I enjoyed directing the arts and crafts team. They were so creative and insightful. The Eggstravaganza had many amazing collaborations."


Shanette and PMGT Community Coordinator aims to support the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation

Shanette and PMGT was invited to help the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation at its 48th Annual Welcome Home Luncheon which include auctions, door and raffle prizes, the announcement of 2008 Players of the Year and more. PMGT was honored to accept the invitation as they have a strong commitment to the community it serves.

PMGT Department of Community Affairs encourages nonprofit leaders to consider areas that they may create local partnerships. CEO of PMGT, Shanette Carpenter, M.Ed. states "...we enjoyed volunteering for this event primaryly because children are affected by the sports industry. The lives of professional athletes may influence how some children perceive themselves and others. Children may even idolize their favorite sports figure. It is important to support community initiatives that impact the lives of youth."


Shanette and PMGT works with the Wal-Mart Foundation, Office Depot and other corporate alliances to support youth

    Fall, 2009



PMGT teams up with the Wal-Mart Foundation for community. PMGT corporate citizenship has expanded throughout Virginia. As stated by Dreams 2 Reality by PMGT Program Coordinator, Mrs. Thompson, "I enjoy helping the community. It's what we do." Dreams 2 Reality by PMGT is a community outreach initiative by PMGT. Dreams 2 Reality by PMGT supports non-profit youth organizations. The mission is to help non-profit youth organizations fulfill its mission through outreach programs and fundraising activities. PMGT worked with corporate partners including, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Costco, and many other businesses dedicated to serving youth and education initiatives since 2005.

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  • "Her loyalty and integrity...beyond reproach."

    Dr. Michael Shackleford, Viginia State University

  • "...classroom management skills are applauded by the Principal..."

    J. Reiss, William Cullen Bryant High School

  • "Her ebullient and positive attitude always helped us successfully fulfill our specified goals."

    Reggie Baker, Radio-One, Inc.

  • "I love your branding! It's awesome!"

    CW 27

  • "...her overall exuberance and passion guarantee her success."

    A. Roach, William Cullen Bryant High School

  • " player with the right morals..."

    Denise Lewis, 91.3 WVST