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The 21st Century is filled with rising entrepreneurs and visionaries who are striving for cutting edge performance strategies. Now, you can learn how to give your nonprofit organization a competitive advantage. Find out how a nonprofit leader’s reputation can affect the image and success of an organization. Use branding techniques to communicate effectively with your target audience and gain points on how to overcome adversity. Starting a Nonprofit: Leadership, Programs, and Branding will help you implement new ideas. This survival guide edition is packed with everything you need to know before starting a nonprofit organization.

New! Business Owners: Are you limited on time and resources? Now, you can purchase Shanette's new book on Amazon. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain all the information you need prior to launching a business. Save time by grabbing the latest tips in this action packed survival guide.

Students: College students and those participating in continuing education courses for professional development will benefit from Shanette's book. Learn what it takes to get involved in the communit. Get tips on how to overcome obstacles on the road to success.

  • Starting a Nonprofit: Leadership, Programs and Branding -AVAILABLE NOW-
  • About the Author

    Brand expert and educator, Shanette Covington, M.Ed. is the author of “SEESAW: Unlock Digital Art Technology”. Known for super boosting student participation, Shanette often trains teachers on how to use a project based instructional business model that she built to streamline classroom management strategies for success. Critically acclaimed for her philanthropic causes, Shanette has been featured on major media outlets such as Fox Business, CBS News, Hot 97.1, CW27, iPower 92.1 and Radio Disney. Shanette earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education & Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration from Virginia State University.

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    "This will afford leaders the opportunity to either maximize their human potential or become innovators in their own right. Further, allowing leaders to impact communities on a local and global level..." -Shanette


    • "Her loyalty and integrity...beyond reproach."

      Dr. Michael Shackleford, Viginia State University

    • "...classroom management skills are applauded by the Principal..."

      J. Reiss, William Cullen Bryant High School

    • "Her ebullient and positive attitude always helped us successfully fulfill our specified goals."

      Reggie Baker, Radio-One, Inc.

    • "I love your branding! It's awesome!"

      CW 27

    • "...her overall exuberance and passion guarantee her success."

      A. Roach, William Cullen Bryant High School

    • " player with the right morals..."

      Denise Lewis, 91.3 WVST